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About us.

In order to change conditions or achieve a goal, it is necessary to make a clear statement of what is intended and actively work toward that end. This Blog in the months ahead, will begin to accumulate and publish information with relation to the adverse effects of Wind Farms contemplated for Melancthon, Ontario. There are those in the community who will benefit from Wind Turbine installations and yet there is very little discussion or communication for those of us who could potentially lose their good health and/or property values by their neighbor’s decision. If you live in this area and have a stake in a property, whether it’s your primary or secondary home, running a farm, raising livestock for a living or are just interested in maintaining the lifestyle you thought you had up to this point – this is your fight too.

Our intention is not to deny someone from making an income from his property but to protect our own property rights and for others who will be impacted adversely, by further wind-farm installations. The consequences for those of us who live here will be felt in the decades to come, to both our family’s health and the de-valuation of our property. So that there is transparency on this issue, instead of a marketing campaign designed to benefit the few who will profit, we will provide information from other communities who have resolved this problem and provide a public forum so you can have your say. You have a right to communicate your point of view.

We are hopeful that local political representatives will take action to remedy these intrusions into our lives and represent their electorate effectively, not just in words, but in deeds.

Finally, as these large corporate investors (of wind farms) are impacting local residents in a negative way, it is our position that they must make a further investment, so that it does not negatively affect our health and property values.

We urge you to make a contribution whether it is of your time, your money or your participation by actively contacting your political representatives locally, municipally or provincially to change the regulations regarding Wind Turbines.

You need to be heard and this site represents your voice, your health and your home. Please help us and support your own future here in Melancthon.

You are not alone. The wrong thing to do is nothing.

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