Wind Turbine Noise at 550 Meters.

This is what we will hear in the backyard of our newly built home in Melancthon when the wind turbine is installed. This is WITH the 550 Meter setback.


The approval of wind energy projects within close proximity to occupied homes is tantamount to an inverse condemnation, or regulatory taking of private property rights, as the noise and impacts are in some respects a physical invasion, an easement in gross over neighboring properties, and the direct impacts reduce property values and the rights of nearby neighbors.

One bank in the Melancthon area is not allowing lines of credit to be secured by houses
situated near wind turbines. In a letter to one family situated close to the turbines, the bank wrote, “we find your property a high risk and its future marketability may be jeopardized.”

When the value of the land is going to drop as many people fear, including realty professionals, the difference in taxes will have to be paid by the rest of the community eg. by the local residents.

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3 thoughts on “Wind Turbine Noise at 550 Meters.

  1. it is just insane to have a minimum setback of only 550 meters, The wind developers know this and so do the manufacturers of wind turbines. I talked to several Nextera reps in Zurich about the setbacks, all they would tell me is that all the turbines are withing the regulations set out by our Ontario Government, basically they admitt that 550 meters is not enough. A good friend of mine who works for Siemens in Germany told me a long time ago that with our population density in SW Ontario, we are setting ourselves up for a major disaster, too many turbines too close to peoples homes. People at Siemens can’t belief that any company would take that risk and install turbines in SW Ontario. I also asked the Nextera rep if he knows of any project anywhere in the world where turbines are this close to homes and at this density, he had to admit that we would be the only ones.

    1. Thanks for your comment Matt. You are so right. I personally have one going in right outside our bedroom window. Hopefully, we can stop this. It’s such an intrusion on our lives and who knows how it’s going to effect our health. I’m very worried about my family.

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